About John Lyall

teachingJohn Lyall is an extremely experienced drummer who has spent a great amount of time studying the music of drums and practicing a vast breadth of drumming styles.

John started playing at the early age of 12 years old and quickly developed a love and fascination for drumming which led him to play for various bands in clubs at the age of 15. Since then, John has played drums for a large number of bands and musical projects covering styles from Country to Jazz to Rock and Pop music, and has appeared at Balloon Festival/Truck Fest/Food Fest/ Beer Fest.

He is a fluent and proficient natural drummer with a reputation for clockwork-like precision, yet plays with feeling and fluidity.

John has spent 5 years drumming for Bristol Concert Wind Band and has recording experience live and in the studio. Also for commercial radio and the BBC.

John places an emphasis on his drumming adaptability, open minded-ness and versatility. He has been teaching for ten years full time.